Friday, October 9, 2009

Placing stepping stones on your lawn

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Stepping stones are a great way to create a path through your lawn without being too dominant. They can also help draw your eye down through the garden.

If you are planning on setting stepping stones into a new lawn, it is advisable to wait until the lawn is fully developed, as it will give you the best results.
The reason for this being that new lawns will sag a little as it settles so if you were to place them straight away, the stones over time will sit proud of the lawn, which can become a nuisance when mowing.

The first thing t do is lay out the stepping stones on the lawn, spacing them out evenly in the direction you want them.
Once you are happy with how it looks, walk across them to make sure the spacing of the stones is comfortable to walk.
When you are satisfied, using a spade, cut around the edge of the first stone.
Now move the stone to the side and remove the grass sod you have just cut out.
Remove some of the soil if necessary, as the depth you are aiming for is about two inches below the thickness of the stone.To finish, put a few lumps of mortar mix in the hole and place the stone on top.
Then using a rubber mallet, tap stone down till it is flush with lawn level.


  1. I'd like those stones in my garden. I use broken concrete. It works wonderfully and looks similar. Takes a lot of work to dig the chunks in though.

  2. I just did a post on these huge round rocks that are found in the Black Hills of South Dakota, near where I live. Are they concretions? I thought of you, because you rock!