Monday, September 7, 2009

3D Garden Design by Stone Art

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3D Garden Design

3D Garden Design gives clients the unique opportunity to take a walk around their garden before any work is ever carried out.

Viewing drawn plans on paper can be very difficult to follow. For many people it is difficult to visualise what the final product will look like. This sometimes results in certain aspects of the design not turning out as the client has visualised, resulting in changes having to be made in the construction stage.

However with 3D design plans none of this is an issue because you get a 3D concept of all aspects of your garden!
You can take a virtual walk down the pathways of your garden, have a seat on your garden bench and look around you, or look at how your home sits in your new garden.

If there are any aspects of the garden you are unsure about, a few simple clicks on the computer can make any desired changes with ease, long before a spade has ever been lifted.

When designing your project, we will take on board all of your requests and ideas and come up with a concept tailored to you.

There are a number of different design packages available, depending on your situation.

Private Individual:
For private individuals, Stone Art can come up with design concepts and plans, giving you scaled working plans and printed photographs of your garden in 3D.
These plans can then be used by landscapers to construct your garden.

3D Plans can also be made up, in cases where an individual has design plans already made up and wishes to have them converted into 3D.

Self Builders and DIY Enthusiasts:For self builders and DIY enthusiasts, Stone Art will provide both 3D plans tailored to the individual client, and scaled drawing plans, the same as with private individuals. Detailed working drawings can also be provided for the parts of the work which the individual plans to under take him/her self.*

* All major construction, pluming and electrical work should only be carried out by professionals.
Landscapers and Designers:For Landscapers or Designers looking to impress there potential clients, Stone Art can convert your plans into 3D allowing you to show your ides and designs in a whole new dimension.

If you do not require 3D plans of the entire garden, we can also create 3D plans for specific complex features within your garden design that you may wish to be able to explain to your clients in more detail.


  1. Hi Sunny,
    I've been following your blog for a while, very inspiring! :)
    Maybe you can give me a little advice?
    I was wondering what software do you usually use for your 3D designs and plans? I'm studying landscape design and am about to decide on my optional subjects, what to choose and what to skip, and the choices (among other things) are Vectorworks and Sketchup classes. What's your honest opinion – are those worth the time and effort or do real life landscapers use some other (perhaps more effective) tools nowadays? :)
    Being a graphic designer, I obviously use vectorgraphics and publishing software for my everyday work, but I honestly have no idea about what tools are most commonly used in landscape planning (other than AutoCAD). And whether they are mostly the same or different for Mac and Windows.
    Your advice would be much appreciated. :)

    Have a sunny day!

  2. Hi Anna, I cant say I can recommend the software I use, as it is awkward, difficult to use and not well known. The reason I use it is that I am use to it.
    I would recommend doing the classes in Vectorworks. I would be using it myself but it is a little expensive to buy, but even more expensive to take classes in it.So if you can do it as part of your course then great. I know that Vectorworks is commonly used in many country's. If you are planning on working just for yourself, it may not be as important to have this. But if you ever want to work for a big firm, it would probably be required or at least a big bonus to have.
    Hope that helps :)

  3. Thank you for the reply, Sunny, it helped a lot! :)