Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Landscape Sculpture, garden sculptures, and Andy Goldsworthy.

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Sculpture by Bruno Torfs
Landscape Sculptures are the integration of nature and the landscape and express how natural forces interact with forms, figure, and the human creative spirit. These Landscape Sculptures provide a Feng Shui addition for the purpose of adding a garden accent in order to "move and lift the energy" of natural spaces.
 Bringing landscape sculpture into the garden not only creates a focal point for your garden, it also can create intrigue and a scene of playfulness that can let your fantasy and creativity run wild.
I have always been a fan of sculpture gardens, they can be a magical place. I have also always been a fan of landscape artists, in particular one of the founders of landscape sculpture, Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy was (and still is) an inspiration to me when I was an art student and later on as a stonemason and as a landscaper.
Timber Sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy
The late 50es saw the emergence of landscape sculpture as a specific form of artistic expression. The innovators of landscape sculpture, such as Goldsworthy or Christo , set out to explore natural materials in there natural surroundings , adjusted by man to create a new exciting , inspirational form of sculpture.

Since the late 1950es sculptors like Andy Goldsworthy have been creating this new  form of sculpture which combines an appreciation for ‘mother earth’ and  influenced with artistic temperament with a feel of new-age influences.
Goldsworthy in particular seems to have a great respect for nature this is partly because when he was younger he worked on various farms where he developed his respect for nature, almost as a reaction against the abuse of the land by industrial farmers.
Stone Sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy
Goldsworthy has produced a huge range of work over the years in a wide range of materials, however for me the most inspiring works are those made of stone.

Many of these stone sculptures can be used as inspiration for your own garden.
At a later date I will post a blog with some inspiration and information on creating your own sculptures for your garden.


  1. Sunny
    Like many others, I'm in awe of Goldsworthy's work. (In a post some months ago I wrote about a permanent indoor work of his at Hess Winery.)

    I'm always interested in pondering the links between the Earth/Land art movement and site-specific works of today. The ephemeral quality of Christo's installations, and many of AG's adds a resonance that stays with me long after I've visited a place.

  2. Sculpture is beautiful in the garden and I love how it often provides a focal point. Here in Arizona, metal artwork depicting plants (Agave) is some of my favorite types.

    I found your blog on Blotanical - Welcome!

  3. Andrew Goldsworthy is a master. I'm envious that you can do wonderful stonework (my old back can't do it anymore). I bet there's lots of great rock to work with in Ireland.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing these sculptures. Very unusual--bold but with a definite sense of whimsy.

  5. aloha, i'm enjoying your blog, its very unique and since i have alot of lava rocks in my garden i know i will be very inspired by your posts oooh and andy goldsworthy how amazing is he????

    looking forward to reading your future posts!

  6. Amazing....these garden sculptures looks awesome. They surely adds to the beauty of the garden. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Inspiring images, of lovely sculptures. I am also a big fan of Andy Goldsworthy

  8. Sculptures which rise out of the landscape and blend back into it are rare and wonderful to look at. It must be much easier to plonk something irrelevant and distracting into a garden or park than to create something which appears to emerge from it.


  9. I love Goldsworthy's work. The only piece I have seen in person is the work he did at the National Gallery of Art (East Wing) in Washington, DC. What an amazingly creative force he is! Thanks for gathering photos of so many of his pieces in one place.

  10. I always find his stonework interesting. The stacked slate wall is very cool.

  11. I love this blog and this entry especially!

  12. Hi Sunny, My husband and I just admired your stone art. You have made beautiful benches and walkways and more! wonderful, from Ted and Gloria in HotSprings, SouthDakota. If you ever do come to see CrazyHorse or Mt.Rushmore, you must visit our humble abode. G

  13. Hello.
    May I know where does Andy made his artwork (in your images, at the first row,2nd column) what is the title, and where is it?

    Please tell me if you know. I need it for my assignment... thanks!

    I mean the images after this paragraph :
    "Goldsworthy in particular seems to have a great respect for nature this is partly because when he was younger he worked on various farms where he developed his respect for nature, almost as a reaction against the abuse of the land by industrial farmers"

  14. This is really interesting take on the concept.I never thought of it that way. I came across this site recently which I think it will be a great use of new ideas and informations. Thank you for sharing it with us.Many Garden Art Sculptures believe that making use of scrap or found objects is a good way to help rebuild something by turning it into something else.