Monday, April 18, 2011

Dewdrops and a photo competition.

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As those of you who follow my facebook page probably already know, I have entered a photo competition.

Checking out the Dewy Drumstick primula

These photos here are part of a series of photos of 19 photos, all in this theme I entered into the competition, which is all about self portraits. You can see the rest of the series here Please rate the portfolio by clicking on the stars giving it a rating of 1-5 :)

Admiring the Water feature Drop
I particularly love the concept of having an image within an image. In the past two months I have been experimenting and discovering my new found passion for photography, as I just bought myself my first DSLR camera. Wandering around in some of my favourite places in the world (some lush green gardens) I have been snapping shots of all the lush spring colour that has just sprung into life.

One of the nicest times to be out in the garden is in the morning when the sun is shining and the dew makes all the plants glisten. One such morning when I returned home after experimenting with some photos of dew drops on plants, I turned to the Internet to find somewhere to share some of my days treasures. While searching I came across this competition, and I thought 'wouldn't it be fantastic to put myself into these photos that I love so much'.
Taking inspiration from works by some of my favourite artists like Escher and Jan van Eyck, I set out to create a self portrait of an image (me) within an image (the dew drops on the garden plants). I love the concept of capturing myself in the scene of something I do on a regular basis but in a way that I envisage Escher or Van Eyck would do it. In my case it is me going on one of my garden walks, feasting on the sight of the glistening plants in the dew, and becoming captivated by all the wonders in the garden.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the series here and rate the portfolio.

Checking out the budding flowers in the dew

Oh and while I'm on the topics of self promotion and my new found passion for photography, for anyone who is interested, you can follow my creative photography adventure on my new blog

Thanking ye all in advance, Sunny


  1. I especially like the dew on the budding flower photo. Very nice. HOpe to see more of your photography. I try with my little camera and enjoy posting photos of the garden. So far everyone is just from my property. A journal of my gardening experience here on Lake MIchigan. Today, lots of snow 6-9 more inches. I wish this Winter would finally end! Jack

  2. Interesting and beautiful - like looking at suspended time.
    Put my vote in and the instructions said we could vote again tomorrow.

  3. I was able to rate it...loved all the inspired...

  4. Fantastic! I love your portrait within the water drops! Good luck with the contest!

  5. Your page is fantastic, I will come again, all the best wishes

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  7. Such a sweet photo! It's really good to see a Pomeranian in the contest. I used to raise them, many years ago ... my own two were a bit hyper, but still, they were the sweetest little things! I do miss them, especially seeing your photo ... Bear Bear looks so much like the little guy I had! You have a great week! :)