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Stone books for Christmas

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Stone related books make great presents for your stone mad friends. Here are a few stone related books I recommend checking out if you are looking for some great christmas presents. Just remember if your planning on ordering your books online, get ordering soon to be sure you receive them before Christmas.
Most of the links provided have free worldwide shipping. Some of the books need to be ordered from the artists direct but I have added these links also. The prices I have shown are correct as of time of writing this post.
So in no particular order here are my recommendations for Christmas 2014:

A Legacy in Stone… The Artistry of Andreas Kunert

Andreas Kunert is a stone artist based in Victoria, Canada. He has a substantial and impressive portfolio of work. Much of his work has gone completely viral on the internet, popping up all over the place.
This book is a lovely catalogue of much of his work and a great addition to your bookshelf.
Also keep an eye out on my blog as I am planning a post on his work soon. 

Order this book here through the artists website 

Price $45.00 plus P&P

The Andy Goldsworthy Project

Andy Goldsworthys beautiful ephemeral artworks have been rendered timeless in numerous photographic records. This book deals with Goldsworthy's work in nearly twenty years, and underscores the artists permanent output since 1984.
Many of his great stone creations are in this book.
A lovely chunky coffee table book. 

Click on the link below to buy with free worldwide shipping.
Price: €34.90 (including shipping and 20% off via the link below)

Stone by Design: The Artistry of Lew French

More than 125 gorgeous photographs showcase the beauty of award-winning stonemason Lew French's work in eight different homes, illustrating how rounded fieldstone, gray slate, rough granite, and even curvy driftwood can be incorporated into stunning pieces of functional art. 
I did a blog post on his work a while back which you can read here.

Click on the link below to buy with free worldwide shipping.
Price: €26.35 (including shipping and 16% off via the link below)

Dan Snow: Listening to Stone
Listening to Stone is Dan Snows follow up to his first book  In the Company of Stone. In this second book Dan once again proves that he is not just one of America's premier artisans, but also one of our most articulate voices on the natural world and our relationship to it. Peter Mauss's tactile photographs of Snow's artistry are matched by the artisan's quietly compelling prose.

Click on the link below to buy with free worldwide shipping.
Price: €18.97 (including shipping and 11% off via the link below)

The Gardens of Jeffrey Bale
Jeffrey Bale's amazing pebble mosaics have featured on stone art's blog before (read here). 
This book is a collection of photos of his work as a builder of gardens and pebble mosaics, 25 years in the making.

A true master of the pebble mosaic.

You can order this book direct from the artist via the link below

Price: Starting at €47.14 plus P&P

Improvisations in Stone: John Shaw-Rimmington
A third 54-page hardcover book with high quality colour photographs of various features and collaborations involving John's designs and personal work has been now been produced and is available for order.
The book covers the period 2009— 2012 and includes seminars, festivals, public installations, stone ballancing and private work (walls, bridges, and features).

This book as well as his other three books can be purchased from the artist direct via link below.
Price: $70 plus P&P

Below are some practical stone related books.

Irish Stone Walls: History, Building, Conservation by Pat McAfee
A unique history and 'how to' book on one of Ireland's most distinctive landscape features - the stone wall. The Irish countryside is a patchwork of over 250,000 miles of stone wall.
A great little book on Irish stone walls. By the great Irish waller Pat McAfee.

The Book depositary have a great 21% off deal on this book at the moment so its under €15 with free worldwide shipping. See link below

Dry Stone Walling. A Practical Guide
Dry Stone Walling. A Practical Guide
by Alan Brooks and Sean Adcock (Elizabeth Agate ed.) 
159 pages 
A4 paperback, wiro-bound 
391 illustrations, by Linda Francis and Elizabeth Agate
 Dry stone walling is one of the most ancient building techniques, used worldwide where stone outcrops at the earth's surface. Britain's varied geology has produced a wide range of building styles, which demonstrate the waller's skill in making the best use of the locally available stone.

Price: £11.95 plus P&P via the link below

The Art of the Stonemason
A fifth-generation stonemason discusses how to choose stone, build a wall on sloping ground, circular walls, windowsills, fireplaces, stairs, arches and hunchbacked bridges. 
A great practical guide to building stone features for anyone with some experience in stone building.

Click on the link below to buy with free shipping.
Price: €18.29 (including shipping via the link below)

Europe’s field boundaries
Written in two volumes 
Georg Muller has written a most wonderful book called 'Europe's Field Boundaries in 2 volumes. Georg basically spent the last 30 years traveling around Europe surveying dry stone walls, hedged banks etc in most European countries (Ireland, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Greece etc etc)
The books have almost 1300 pages and 5000 colour images. 

The books are beautifully bound with gold leaf and are a very special collection indeed, they are a real investment and highly recomendable. 
I am currently working on a review of this book which I will share here on the blog also once im finished.

Information on how to order the books in the link below
Price for the two volumes together is €289 plus P&P

This is just a few of the great stone related books that are out there. I have lots more book recommendations in the book recommendations section of my blog here

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